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The interview with Sergey Bushuyev - President of the Ukrainian Project Management Association “UKRNET” 


Q1. What are the main features for you for attending international conferences, congresses and workshops?

It is important when World Congress has attractive format. I am excited to take a part in upcoming event because it consist interesting key speakers, reports on sections, ICB4 business game, congress exhibition, participation in Expo 2017 on future energy projects, poster presentations, etc. Also congress has fascinating cultural program.

Q2. Do you believe that such events involving project management are particularly interesting or have special features?

Yes. I believe that the World Congress will give ideas for further development of number of countries, organizations and technologies.

 Q3. On a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you about being in Astana in September this year for the IPMA World Congress?


Q4. What tips would you give to delegates attending in Astana to gain maximum benefits?

Be creative and feel free to meet new horizons!

Q5. When do you recommend delegates should register for the World Congress?

I recommend registration in advance.

Q6. What will you be taking to the World Congress?

Breakthrough Competences on Entrepreneurial Energy and Emotional Intelligence.

Q7. And what do you hope to be taking away?

New knowledge and friends, best practices and confidence in the future.



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