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The interview with Tom Taylor - Past Chairman and Past President of Association for Project Management (UK)

    Q1. What are the main features for you for attending international conferences, congresses and workshops?

For me I think “international” is defined by the people who attend, how they collectively participate and how they interact with each other during the event – and all that is frequently determined by the hosts – and not within the title of the event. I have also been to some great domestic and national events around the world – with fantastic international dimensions and

   Q2. Do you believe that such events involving project management are particularly interesting or have special features?

Yes. People directly involved in projects, including project managers, have a focus – to get things done. I like that. It provides a buzz. 
However I confess PM topics, themes and presentations also intrigue me. Is this cutting edge or old hat? Is this highly sophisticated or really quite basic? Do I know this – but had forgotten it completely – and now do I see it in a new light? And round and round and onwards we go.

Q3. On a scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you about being in Astana in September this year for the IPMA World Congress?

A few months ago I was probably about 5.6. Currently I am around 6.3. Probably when I get there I could peak at 11 or 12 on occasions. So it is probably good for me not to get too excited too early.

Q4. What tips would you give to delegates attending in Astana to gain maximum benefits?

Have a good time and help others have a good time.

Q5. When do you recommend delegates should register for the World Congress?

As soon as they think it is a good idea and have permission to attend.

Q6. What will you be taking to the World Congress?

An open mind. And my phone charger – which I usually forget.

Q7. And what do you hope to be taking away?

A suitcase full of memories, knowledge and friendships. And a positive opinion about IPMA.
Thank you.

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