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The proposed venue for GYCW is the Nazarbayev University campus, located just 3 km south of the Central Business District of Astana and 6 km northwest of Astana International Airport, just opposite of the EXPO-city, which will have hotels, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants. The 30th IPMA World Congress will be also organized at the Nazarbayev University. The students and faculty of the university are going to be engaged in the Congress and would be happy to find and share exclusive knowledge in GYCW. Today qualified professionals at Nazarbayev University realize their ambitious and challenging projects. Indeed, the University is the place where the country’s future is been created. The University offers auditoriums, conferences and seminar halls fully equipped with modern information-communication technologies that conform to international standards.

All students and faculty at Nazarbayev University speak English.

• Multifunctional Auditorium Complex:

•Atrium, the exhibition area:


•Workshop rooms: 

•Workshop rooms:

•Ball room (Dinner venue):

•Coffee-break area: