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6 plenary keynotes
Program split into 3 blocks for researchers and practitioners, government bodies.


Block 1 (Academic)

  • Methodologies for the development of personnel competence in PM
  • Global challenges, trends and models for the development of organizational competence in PM
  • Development of knowledge systems and  formation of competences in PM
  • Cognitive modeling in organizations’ competence development in PM
  • Development of competences in PM based on scientific research and educational programs

Block 2 (Practitioners)

  • Innovative development of PM competences in the real economy sector: i. Energy
i. Energy
ii. Mechanical engineering
iii. Information and communication technologies
iv. Space research
v. Environmental and natural studies

  • Breakthrough technologies for creation  and migration of values in PM of organization 
  • Development Breakthrough technologies and competence development of high-tech Companies

Block 3 (Government bodies)

  • Competence development of public sector (public administration) in program management 
  • Europe-China “Silk Way” stream
  • Green Technologies (EXPO 2017)