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For several decades the IPMA World Congress is the leading world conference on project management, bringing together business professionals, practitioners, managers and representatives of international companies, leading scientists, teachers, professors and students, representatives of different sectors and professions, NGOs and mass media.

During the congress, the best potential and the world of project management get together by means of professional and academic papers, position papers, presentations of best practices or significant case studies, posters, educational materials, books and software presentation, tutorials, roundtables, special sessions and seminars.

World Congresses are held with the participation and support of the governments of host countries, which realize the potential of project management.

In Kazakhstan project management at the state level started emerging since the 90s through the external state loans, which used project management tools and techniques. Such application of project management was of private nature and had no system.

Kazakhstan Project Management Association (hereinafter - KPMA) was established in 2003, and its full members include “Nursultan Nazarbayev Educational Foundation” (hereinafter - the Foundation), “Nazarbayev University” autonomous education organization (hereinafter - the University), as well as other universities and business-structures of Kazakhstan. KPMA is involved in promotion of project management in the state bodies and organizations, national and private domestic companies for more than 10 years. KPMA as a public association carries out coordination, management, education, and certification activities. During this period it performed preparatory work for more active positioning of project management in the economic and social development of Kazakhstan. It created various associations in the field of project management, conducted trainings, conferences and round tables.

There is a database of continuously updated innovative tools and methods in the area of project & program management that allows ensuring rational and value management. Today the projects in Kazakhstan, including government projects, became technically and technologically complex, implementation periods of these projects are reduced and the resources for their implementation are limited. As shown by the positive foreign experience in managing innovative project Portfolio and Programs, the project management methodology is the most efficient.

At this particular time the relevance of a large-scale application of project management tools and techniques in Kazakhstan becomes apparent. The missions assigned by the Head of the state in the framework of implementation of the “Plan of the Nation - 100 steps to implement five institutional reforms of N. N. Nazarbayev”, as well as the State programs of formed industrial-innovative development require studying how to use project management tools and techniques for successful implementation of missions, projects and programs. In addition, competition between Kazakhstan and international business in the framework of integration associations, WTO and others is growing day by day. Application of project management in business-structures will allow raising competitiveness and further secure development. For example, there is a model experience of such countries as Australia, Germany.

Great Britain, Spain, China, Japan and others in project management development, where virtually all public and private entities apply project management in their operations.

At the same time today, KPMA aims for project management development in the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the new challenges of socio-economic development of the country. In this context, the Foundation, KPMA and the University jointly took a lead in holding the 30th World Congress of IPMA in 2017 in Astana.

The awarding of the right to host the jubilee 30th World Congress in Kazakhstan was held at the 29th World Congress held in Panama in September of 2015. KPMA signed a contract with IPMA for holding the Congress in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Project Management Association and Nursultan Nazarbayev Educational Foundation act as the organizers of this Congress. Nazarbayev University acts as a the General partner of the Congress. And the Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Akimat of Astana serve as the Coordinators for the Congress organization.

About 1,000 national and foreign participants from over 60 countries plan to take part in the Congress. In the light of the future work the Kazakhstan is given a unique opportunity to obtain and study the world’s best practices of project management application in various fields of human activities and submit the best Kazakh projects to the world project management community.